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Family Wealth 101 Sessions


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Welcome and Introductions


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David York

Purposeful Legacy

While few words are used more in the family wealth conversation than the word Legacy, few really know what it means and how should it be viewed.  When it comes to Legacy, there are five essential truths that cannot be ignored.  First, Legacies are about so much more than money.  Second, they are not neutral and can either be positive or negative.  Third, Legacies are not optional.  We cannot choose whether or not to leave a Legacy.  Fourth, people are more Legacy minded today than they have been for thousands of years.  And finally, Legacies can be changed.  This presentation will  not only address the word Legacy but will also review the four critical pillars for an effective holistic wealth transfer, the three obstacles that every family must overcome, and the one thing that every generation wants.

9:00 - 9:15

Laurent Roux

Empowering the Rising Generation

The traditional wealth planning process focused on control from the grave, control without ownership, the patriarch governs, families listen and accept, trustees execute. Rising Generations have grown entitled, frustrated and more. The process has however evolved; intergenerational planning, better communications, strategic family thinking focused on stewardship and growing responsible owners has empowered Rising Generation members to own more of their future with better outcomes; less entropy and more resilience. One area of importance: Trusts, trustees and beneficiaries. Each gen has its own language, views, interests. We will discuss the relationships between Governing and Rising Gen, having Family conversations about all aspects of their wealth and how best to grow it, establish a plan for basic legal education:  define, share and understand roles and responsibilities of trustees and beneficiaries, focus on building a  sound communication process, discuss "trust," relationships, ownership and stewardship.


9:20 – 9:45

Family Interviews: 

Family Legacy - What has worked?


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Facilitated Breakout Sessions to discuss Family Legacy

11:15 – 12:00 (noon)

Breakout Session Overviews:  Takeaways and Solutions/Conclusions

Thursday Afternoon, October 4



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Kris Coleman / Red 5 Security

Educational Discussion on Family Security

1:30 – 1:45

Scott Mathewson

Purposeful Families / Purposeful Wealth

Financial Wealth impacts the family (their human capital) if they deliberately choose to direct that impact or not; so what gets in the way of a family choosing to direct that impact and purpose? Traditional tax and asset protection centric planning without addressing the real impact that the plan will actually have on the rising generations is a recipe for failure. A family’s ability to articulate how their human capital and financial capital is nurtured and deployed is critical as the family makes collective and individual decisions about the present and the future. So, what does this look like and how does a family get there? Scott Mathewson will discuss with specific examples of what works and what does not.


1:45 – 2:00

Joanne Stern

The Mix of Love and Money

When there’s money on the table, family harmony can turn quickly into distrust, ill-will and resentment. It often leads to increased conflict between siblings and discord within the entire family system. People who would otherwise approach a financial situation wisely and non-emotionally, get thrown off base when their personal wealth is entangled in deeply embedded family dynamics. Joanne will share the root causes for the loss of family wealth and a case study of a family whose fortune nearly tore their family apart. She will discuss four important action steps to ensure that your family will be successful in navigating the complexities involved in the mix of love and money.


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2:15 – 2:30

Family Interviews:

Wealth – What has worked?


2:30 - 2:45

Facilitated Breakout Sessions to discuss Family Wealth


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Breakout Session Overviews:  Takeaways and Solutions/Conclusions


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Free Time


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Dinner at Snow Park Lodge



Legacies in Ink

Did you know people die twice?

The first time is inevitable.

The second time is when they’re forgotten. 

Join Dr. Judith Kolva, professional personal historian, and Charles Schwabe, genealogist, to learn how StoryPower insures immortality.  You will walk away with three easy, yet powerful, best practices that preserve family legacies.  Why wait? You never know what will happen next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow.    

Friday, October 5



7:30 – 8:30



8:30 AM – 8:35

Morning Kickoff


​8:35 – 8:50

Elle Hansen

Healthy Family Systems

You can learn the skill of welding, golfing, or gardening. Likewise, you can learn the skill set of effective communication. Effective Communication is the key to any successful system. This certainly holds true in a Family System. Add in the complexities of business, wealth, and legacy, effective communication is the predominant skill that will determine the health of how the family system thrives or survives. We will discuss the underpinning of family systems theory, the common characteristics of generationally successful families, and the tools you need to bind your system together for the future.


8:50 – 9:05

Paul Funk

The Family Risk Manager


9:05 – 10:00

Facilitated Breakout Sessions to discuss Family


10:00 – 10:30

Breakout Session Overviews:  Takeaways and Solutions/Conclusions


10:30 – 11:30


Mayo Clinic Approach with Families of Wealth


Wrap-up & Lunch

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